Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence

12 Ways You Can Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence for Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October:   1. Organize a vigil and a moment of silence on October 1st at 11am EST to remember the victims of domestic violence and/or contribute to the Remember My Name project (http://www.ncadv.org/programs/remember-my-name). Send us your event information (when, where, date, time,… More Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence

Water Challenge

Some of my  friends and family members are aware. I struggle with drinking water and am often dehydrated. I have attributed this to my previous homeless lifestyle. I have experienced having a Kidney stone twice. The first time was in 2007 and the second in 2012. The first time I was able to pass the… More Water Challenge

God Is Real

08/03/2015 According to Dictionary.com real means ” Truth, existing or occurring as fact.”  Since childhood. I have believed in the existence of God. As I have stumbled through Christianity there has been days of doubts. In the midst of doubts, I have extraordinary days where I can not deny  the present of God.  At  church… More God Is Real

God is Faithful

God is Real was easy. I believe in His existence. God is Good, even if He was just Good Orderly Direction. At one point in my spiritual journey, He was. God is Faithful that is personal. It requires a relationship. Belief does not require a relationship. Belief is enough to believe God is Real, and God… More God is Faithful