All Lives Matter

Copy of All Lives Matter

Historically in America ALL LIVES have not mattered legally. When this country started, only white men had the right to vote, so they made decisions for everyone. Eventually, women and finally blacks achieved the right to vote. The Native Americans were rounded up like cattle and forced onto reservations. Women are still struggling for equality especially financially because on average a woman makes 77 cents for every dollar a man makes and it has been this way for a while. Then if you add race to the factor, it is even less. All lives matter to God! all lives matter to Christians?

If All Lives Matter to Christian then why is Sunday morning still the most volunteer segregated time of the week. Yes, multicultural churches are on the rise. If was not for racism the African American Methodist Episcopal Church would have never existed.

They should be according to scripture. For some reason when Black people say Black lives matter, we are viewed as selfish, prejudice or racist. We live in a country with freedom of speech, yet we have a man attempting to become the president of the United States who promotes hate speech. The job of the president is to represent the people of the United States, not just one group. The fact that voters are supporting this candidate is evidence that all lives don’t matter. The candidate has been confronted about misogynistic statements and offensive racial statements. American Poet Laureate Maya Angelou told us when somebody tells you who they believe then.

If All Lives Matter then proves it by addressing issues of inequality across the board.

I wish Black Lives Matter to black people. In urban communicates where there is a high concentration of African Americans the murder rates has consistently increased. I recognize there is a direct correlation between the fact that all lives don’t matter. How so? Lack of knowledge of God and self. The effects of slavery are still affecting families. Slaves experience the worst domestic violence, and there were no mental resources available to treat them. So the dysfunction continued for generations. Blacks still don’t have equal access to employment. The of unemployment among Blacks is high. Access to education is still an issue. If all lives matter, then employment opportunities, education opportunities should be the same for all. We shouldn’t need policies like NO Child Left Behind.

When I post something about Black Lives Matter and somebody responds ALL Lives Matter. It’s like say even though you have suffered through abuse, be quiet. It is justifying like saying . You got hit, but it wasn’t that bad.



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